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Aperol’s Big 100th Birthday!

Nothing quite says summer like an Aperol spritz, and it just so happens that the key ingredient to this season’s favourite apéritif is celebrating its 100th birthday!

A humble beginning

This unapologetically orange treat originated a century ago in Italy at the hands of two brothers, but did not rise to its well-deserved international fame until the turn of the century. It was launched at the 1919 Padua International Fair by Luigi and Silvio Barbieri, whose father actually owned the local distillery. The war came soon after the company’s start and, with it, Aperol’s production hit a roadblock. It would be years until its pre-war status would be attained again, but the invention of the Aperol spritz recipe would bring the company name some recognition.

The idea for the spritz (from the German word ‘spritzen,’ or to spray) supposedly came from late-19th century Australian soldiers stationed in Italy, looking to dilute Italian wine with mixers like soda or sparkling water.

The taste we know and love


The tangy, rhubarb-y flavour of Aperol is what makes it truly special. The recipe remains a guarded secret to this day, making this light liqueur especially unique. Following its light, herbal aroma, the flavour becomes as intensely orange as the colour upon hitting the tongue. Aperol goes down smooth with a velvety texture, leaving a slightly bitter note behind to balance the sweetness. The ABV is just 11%, making it a suitable casual drink and the perfect addition to recipe variations. Despite its old roots, the beverage has a very modern feel to it, and the low alcohol content is proving to be as trendy as it tastes. Moderate and millennial!

Quick recipe

Ready to try a spritz and celebrate the big 100 for yourself? For your quintessential summer apéritif, Drinkly has you covered with the ingredients you need. Here is the most classic version of the famous cocktail’s recipe. You can’t improve perfection!


  • Begin by adding some ice into your wine glass.
  • Combine your prosecco (we recommend Le Dolci Colline’s citrus-y brut spumante) with your Aperol– equal parts!
  • Add a splash of soda water. We suggest Schweppes.
  • Choice step! Garnish with a fresh orange slice.

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