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Date Night, Sorted – 6 Fun Ideas for Lovers

Oh, hey there lover boy or girl. Looking for some date night inspiration? Then you’ve come to the right place. So, you’re trying to impress or maybe you’re trying to woo, either way, we’ve got you. That even rhymes – that’s just how smooth we are here at Shoply, feel free to take some notes.

Movie Night

Forget Netflix and Chill. Nothing says love like Amazon Prime and Commitment Time but we’re not here to judge. Either way, stock up on snacks, maybe some beers and try and avoid a movie which brings on tears. Avoid ‘Titanic’ or ‘Marley and Me’ because no one wants to spend date night sobbing. Try opting for a comedy or a thriller if you’re feeling brave.

movie night date night


Online Escape Room

Scratch what I said previously, nothing says love like being locked in a virtual room together that you have to use your wit and raw talent for puzzles to escape from. Perhaps this one is a little niche but they are SO fun. Especially with a glass of wine. Work together as a team, drawing on each other’s strengths as you battle through the challenges and hopefully escape feeling victorious (and still in love).

Homemade Spa Day

This one is best done with prosecco and chocolates. Grab some face masks, run a lovely bubbly bath and light some candles. It’s about to get romantic. Relax and unwind with your home pamper session. Anyone that says they don’t like a little zen music and massages are lying, once you’ve watched a YouTube tutorial on how to give a back massage, you are basically a qualified masseuse. Although be aware, once you’ve given one half-decent massage you’ll be expected to do it far more often.

Museum Trip

Soak yourselves in culture and knowledge. Every town and city has a museum of some sort, when was the last time you visited yours? You might learn something along the way. Have a walk through time and you’re bound to have some laughs together. Have you really been to the museum if you’ve not pointed at a dodgy looking mannequin and said to your partner “Hey, that looks like you”. 

date at the museum


Baking Together

It’s time to prove that age-old debate – who is the better chef. Go head to head to make your signature dish and have a taste test like you’re Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry on the Bake-Off. You can turn up the heat by ordering a bunch of random ingredients on your local Shoply store then see who can make the best dish with those ingredients as they do on Ready Steady Cook. Otherwise, just pick out a fun new recipe and have a go at making it together. You’ll spend some quality time together and have food at the end – what could be better?


If it’s a nicer day, take advantage of the sun and head to your local green space. Enjoy sipping on some cocktails or chilled ciders and bask in the British summertime. If you don’t have time to grab what you need then don’t sweat it, we have the perfect impromptu romantic picnic solution. Order your favourite drinks from your local store or if you are Edinburgh based, even better – we have partnered with SprEHd who specialise in grazing boxes made with delicious local produce. So you can have your picnic delivered to you in 1-hour. Have fun nibbling on delicious cheeses, meats and more. 


So there you have it, some ideas for you next date. Whatever you end up doing, don’t forget you can order all your favourite drinks, snacks and groceries on and have them delivered in 1-hour. We can bring everything but love to your door, you have to organise that yourself, unfortunately. Worst-case scenario there’s always Tinder.  


If you have enjoyed our suggestions please do let us know, we’ve got plenty more where that came from – not to brag but we are real casanovas.

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