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Edinburgh Edit: 5 Lagers We Love

What better way to relax after a long, hard day than with a nice cold lager? But don’t get up! Simply pop in your postcode above and let us bring it to you.

Maybe your day has been even longer and harder than usual. Maybe further thinking and further decisions seems like just too much right now. Even when it comes to something as important as beer. We understand and we feel you. That’s why, in this Edinburgh Edit, we’re making life even easier for you and compiling a list of our favourite lagers for your perusal. Once you’ve decided, add your postcode in the bar above, order up some chilled lager, sit back, relax and let Drinkly do the hard work for you. We’ve got you covered, don’t worry.

Lager is made by cool fermentation and then a subsequent maturation in cold storage, with the German word ‘lager’ literally meaning storeroom as German brewers would dig cellars and fill them with ice in order to achieve the maturation process prior to the invention of the refrigerator. In 1835, Edinburgh became the first city in the United Kingdom to brew lager, so it seems only right to drink some in tribute to those good pioneers. Here are our top picks:

Edinburgh Beer Factory Paolozzi Lager

This lager has won the UK’s Best Munich Style Lager for the last three years. The family-run company is Edinburgh-based, which you would expect from a name like the Edinburgh Beer Factory, and it takes heavy creative inspiration from Scottish artist and pop-art pioneer Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, for whom this lager is named. In return for the inspiration and the moniker, with every sale the Edinburgh Beer Factory donate to the Paolozzi Foundation, an organisation which seeks to promote and educate the public on fine art and its importance, with particular emphasis on the works of Eduardo Paolozzi himself. So, you can get your good deeds done and out of the way while enjoying this pale, balanced 5.2% ABV lager. Brewed using 100% barley malt and left for that crucial maturation period in cold storage for five to six weeks, this Paolozzi Helles Lager with a gentle fizz is always a good shout for a night in.

Brewgooder Clean Water Lager

To continue on the train of good deeds, become a serial do-gooder with this Brewgooder Clean Water Lager, which donates 100% of its profits to clean water projects. Produced in collaboration with BrewDog, the Clean Water Lager is made with a blend of Saaz and Sorachi Ace hops and is crisp and zesty in taste. With every 24 cans of this 4.5% ABV craft lager sold, a person in Malawi will be supplied with clean drinking water for up to five years. There’s no better reason than that to crack open a cold one! Quench your thirst whilst allowing those less fortunate to do the same. This lager is limited edition, life-changing stuff, get it while it’shotcold!

West 4 Premium Session Lager

West Brewing Company is a Scottish microbrewery located on Glasgow Green since 2006. West Brewing Company is the only UK brewery to officially adhere to the Reinheitsgebot, the German Purity Law of 1516, meaning the lager is made using only four ingredients: water, malt, hops and yeast, with no additives, preservatives, flavouring agents or chemicals. The West 4 is a 4.0% session lager that is pale in colour and offers a bitter hops flavour coupled with fresh, crisp lemony undertones. With its 4.0% ABV and its refreshing, clean taste this Scottish golden lager has its roots in traditional German brewing and is a great option for a quiet night in.


Innis & Gunn Lager

Innis & Gunn is fast becoming a household name. The company was founded in Edinburgh in 2003 and is quickly establishing itself as a global success, trading in over thirty-five countries worldwide. This craft brewed lager has won gold at the Monde Selection Awards for four years running and is the number one best-selling craft lager in Scotland, with the company also taking home the award for Scottish Brewery of the Year in 2019. This 4.6% ABV lager is brewed with naked golden oats in order to achieve a smooth finish to the full-bodied flavour it offers. The overall taste is crisp, refreshing and zesty and is an incredibly popular choice for a good Scottish lager.


Estrella Damm

We’re going south now to Barcelona and the lager that will make you say “Damm, that’s good”. This award-winning pale lager has a long history of being a firm favourite and is still brewed to this day in accordance with the original 1876 recipe. Estrella was brewed in the Mediterranean mind-set, making it a lighter beer as opposed to its central European cousins which were intended for much cooler climates. The company prides itself on using 100% natural ingredients in this 5.4% ABV lager, working with only barley malt, rice and hops from local Mediterranean farmers. The company is also working to become more sustainable, particularly with its support of local farmers, so if ethics are your thing, and they really probably should be, this lager is a fine choice. This one really is the star of the whole Damm show.

There you have it! Our top lager picks to make it easier for you to decide on tonight’s tipple. Lager has been brewed and enjoyed since Medieval times, it would be a shame to halt that tradition now! Don’t worry, Drinkly’s got the goods, all you need to do is click. Cheers!

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