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Edinburgh Edit: Flavoured Gins!


Ever feel like everyone else is in a gin bubble without you? Feel like you missed the moment when society collectively decided to jump aboard the gin ship and set sail, leaving you stranded on the docks? Find yourself embarrassed and overwhelmed when it comes to choosing gins? Don’t worry, Drinkly have got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of five flavoured gins to help get you started on a life-long love affair with juniper. Even better than that, by just simply inputting your postcode above, we can bring these gins right to you within an hour. All you have to worry about is deciding on what flavour sounds best, and we’ve even made that task a little bit simpler, too.

There’s no escaping the fact that gin has had a massive surge in popularity recently and has become many people’s spirit of choice, so much so that Gordon’s, the UK’s top gin company, made £433 million in sales last year. Sometimes the myriad of flavours and the mixers minefield can be a tad overwhelming – and that’s really not something you want when deciding on a nice, relaxing drink.

Popularised in Britain when William of Orange became monarch, the gin we know and love today comes from the Dutch liquor jenever. During the Eighty Years’ War, it’s believed that English soldiers would drink a thimble full of jenever before battle and it is from this practice that the term ‘Dutch courage’ stems. If you’re looking for the courage to break into the gin scene, you need look no further.

Here’s our top five flavoured gins to jumpstart your gin obsession:

1. Edinburgh Gin’s Rhubarb and Ginger Gin Liqueur – shop here

Based in Scotland’s capital since its launch in 2010, Edinburgh Gin is an award-winning distillery with a wide range of delicious gins. This Rhubarb and Ginger Gin Liqueur is no different. Perfectly marrying the fresh sweetness of Scottish rhubarb with the subtle, warm heat of ginger, this gin is the perfect option if you’re a little bit wary of jumping head first into the world of London dry gins. While there is a definite fruity sweetness to this liqueur, the finishing notes are delicately spiced and warming. We’d recommend you pair this gin with a splash of ginger beer to further develop that sugary heat. There’s no need to feel forced to pair all gins with tonic. Break free of those social conventions chaining you down; if you think you don’t like gin and tonic, it’s very likely not the gin that’s putting you off. You can even get fancy with this gin, or even fancier because rhubarb and ginger is pretty top-tier fancy already, and mix it with prosecco to add a delicate fizzing to this fresh, botanical gin liqueur.


2. Edinburgh Gin’s Plum and Vanilla Gin Liqueur – shop here

Continuing on the Edinburgh Gin train, if you’re after something more deeply sweet than zingy, the Plum and Vanilla Gin Liqueur might be the one for you. Made using Scottish plums and Madagascan vanilla, this gin liqueur combines the juicy, rich plum flavours with the delicate sweetness of vanilla for a liqueur that is oozing in luxury and is velvety smooth. Top it up with some prosecco for the ultimate classy drink or simply drink, over ice, with soda or lemonade if you’ve got more of a sweet tooth.


3. Boë Violet Gin – shop here

Boë Gin, a company based in Stirling, has grown exponentially since the launch of its Violet Gin in 2016. As a company, they are passionate about colour, vibrancy and full flavours, and all three traits are present in this amethyst spirit. Bursting with sweetness and reminiscent of Swizzles Parma Violets, this gin is bright, aromatic and fun. Mixed with tonic or lemonade, the BoëViolet GIn is incredibly popular and is the perfect place to start for those looking to explore the gin scene. If you’re having a night in with friends and trying to find the ideal spirit to accompany the occasion, this Boë Violet Gin is great for everyone, gin connoisseurs and not.


4. J. Whitley Pink Cherry Gin – shop here

J.J. Whitley is an award-winning brand exploring flavours heavily inspired by the English countryside and all things aromatic, floral and sweet. The Pink Cherry Gin offers the expected sharp and juicy flavours of cherry but couples it with orange almonds, the sweetness of marzipan and the underlying classic gin hint of juniper berries. With the finishing notes of cherries, almonds and a little sprinkle of spices, this gin is incredibly smooth and drinkable. Mix this one with either tonic or lemonade for a wee bit of extra sweetness. Go on, pop your gin cherry and give this one a try! Input your postcode above to get ordering.


5. Whitley Neill Blood Orange Gin – shop here

This Mediterranean-inspired gin screams summer. The refreshing, crisp taste of Sicilian blood oranges is tangy, tart and ideal for a summers day. Even if it’s chucking it down outside, this gin seems to make the sun shine. A mix of nine botanicals, including juniper, coriander seed, orris root and both Sicilian and sweet oranges, this citrusy gin is incredibly smooth and zesty. It is made with love and passion after Frederick Neill, whose family have been in the spirit trade since 1762, discovered the wonder of blood oranges with his wife while on their honeymoon in Sicily. This award-winning gin is a must-try for those who favour the less sweet but crisper and more refreshing spirits. Served with lemonade, if you wish to add that drop of sweetness, or some tonic, such as the Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water, the Whitley Neill Blood Orange Gin nails the dynamic flavour of bitter orange that we Brits simply adore.


There you have it! Five great gin options for those who think they don’t like gin! With a mixture of both crisp, refreshing options and sweet, sugary ones, there’s something on this list for everyone. Remember, if you’ve tried many a gin and tonic but you’ve never quite understood what all the fuss was about, try changing up your mixer. We’d recommend either La Dolci Colline Prosecco, Schweppes Lemonade or try the Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water for something a bit more floral. Pop your postcode in the box above to get ordering, that’s the spirit!


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