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Faster Delivery, More Range; We’re Bringing the Bar to You!

Happy New Year! We hope you had a wonderful time over Christmas and Hogmanay. We know it wasn’t an ideal situation but hope you made the most of it anyway.

So, 2021, eh? Even though it may seem like we’re stuck in the same place, we have some exciting news to share; you can now shop from our very own DRINKLY store in Edinburgh! We have exclusive wines normally only found in restaurants, a great mix of beers, spirits and snacks, and all the big brands that you know and love to enjoy at home, delivered in one-hour or a time to suit you. DRINKLY is Edinburgh’s brand new online off licence!

When you choose the DRINKLY store at, your items will come straight from our warehouse where we now stock over 500 products. We are so looking forward to this next chapter of our business and excited to show you what’s in store, literally!

(We should mention here that we’re piloting this in Edinburgh, so if you’re elsewhere in the world, you can still shop your goodies from local shops!)

Well, we’re glad to say only good things. Here are just four that we think you’ll appreciate most:

1. Competitive Pricing

As we will now be an independent retailer in our own right, we can reduce the prices of our items and eliminate any extra costs, like a service fee. We can also hold more sales, deals and discounts which everyone loves (don’t lie, we know you do). It’s a win-win all round!

  2. Product Range

We’ll be taking in more stock than ever before. From speciality wines and craft beers to vintage whiskies and quirky gins, you’ll be able to get everything under one roof. And if you’re looking for something more specific, we will do our darndest to track it down for you too. Can’t guarantee one hour delivery on that though, I’m afraid!

  3. Delivery Guaranteed

We pride ourselves on our one-hour delivery service, and this will continue as we move into this next phase. But as a result of us operating solely, you could have your drinks at your door in as little as 10 minutes! As if by magic.

4. Customer Satisfaction

Now more than ever, we’d like to build on the relationships we have with our customers. By warehousing our own products we are more able to listen to you and hear what it is you want from us. Meaning, we can adapt our services to completely suit you, our loyal customer! Remember, you can always reach out to us on our social media platforms; FacebookInstagram and Twitter. Ask us questions or even check stock. We want to be here for you more than we have ever been before.

For those of you who don’t know us, we are a small, independent business based in Edinburgh and have been serving local communities around the UK for over three years. For those of you who do know us, we want to thank you for supporting our business over the last year; it means so much to us! And as a thank you, and in celebration of DRINKLY, we’re offering a £2.50 discount on your DRINKLY order till Sunday 17th January with the code THANKYOU. Better get ordering…

Have a great socially distanced, level four lockdown weekend, and we hope to serve you soon.

Team Drinkly x

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