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Keep Walking: Johnnie Walker Cocktails

Whisky cocktails are absolutely one of life’s great pleasures, but finding good recipes that stray from the norm can be almost impossible. Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work for you to find delicious cocktails that involve a little bit more creativity than simply adding ginger beer and calling it a fancy name. Johnnie Walker, a beautifully smooth Scotch whisky, is the perfect choice for whisky cocktails. Whether with their signature Red Label, which is delicately smoked with a hint of spice, vanilla and citrus, or with the bold Black Label, with flavours of rich fruits, toffee and deep vanilla, you’re certain to get a smooth, warming and sweet cocktail. So, all you need to do to uncover these exciting cocktails is keep reading! If there are any you take a shine to, Drinkly will deliver all the ingredients you need right to your door within the hour. We do promise not to break down the door with an axe and shout ‘Here’s Johnnie!’, no matter how strong the temptation, we’ll just knock respectfully.


Rusty Nail


  • 45ml Johnnie Walker Red Label
  • 15ml Drambuie
  • Plenty of Ice

If Drambuie is not something you’ve ever sampled before, it’s a whisky liqueur made from Scotch, honey, herbs and spices. The name is said to be derived from the Gaelic ‘an dram buidheach’, a phrase meaning ‘the drink that satisfies’. Well, this cocktail certainly does that. The mixture of the sweet honeyed liqueur and the smoky, spiced, zesty whisky is a triumph. It’s only two ingredients, besides the ice, but that doesn’t take away from its elegance and simply adds to its ease. Why it’s called the rusty nail will forever escape us, but we can confirm this is a tetanus-free cocktail and one that is completely delicious at that. Simple, delicious cocktails are absolutely on the menu tonight, and this one hits the nail right on the head.


Comte de Sureau


  • 40ml Eden Mill Original Gin
  • 30ml Johnnie Walker Red Label
  • 10ml Campari

This one is the perfect sipping cocktail. The combination of gin and whisky is an unusual but welcome one, complemented by the unique and almost medicinal taste of Campari. To make this cocktail: simply mix the gin, Johnnie Walker whisky and Campari in a cocktail shaker with ice, strain it and pour into a martini cocktail glass. You don’t necessarily want ice in the actual drink itself, so the process of mixing the ingredients together with ice and then straining it is intended to chill the alcohol without diluting it, though the beauty of at-home cocktails is you can drink them really however you want. If ice is your thing, don’t hold back.


Alabama Slammer



  • 25ml Johnnie Walker Red Label
  • 25ml Smirnoff Vodka
  • 25ml Gordon’s Sloe Gin
  • 25ml Disaronno
  • Top up with Sunpride Orange Juice

The Alabama Slammer is ideal if you’re looking for a longer, more refreshing drink. It also couldn’t be simpler – which, let’s face it, is exactly what you want when making your own cocktails. All you need to do is: mix all your alcohol together in a shaker with ice, strain and pour into a highball glass, top up with your orange juice and add fresh ice to the glass. This one is wonderfully fruity, with the dominant cassis of the sloe gin and the orange juice, but it’s lifted by the sweet spiciness of the Johnnie Walker and the straight sweetness of Disaronno. Want to experience Alabama without actually having to go there? Drinkly’s got you sorted.

Whisky Sangaree


  • 60ml Johnnie Walker Black Label
  • 20ml Krohn LBV Port
  • 30ml Schweppes Soda Water
  • 30ml Sugar Syrup

The Whisky Sangaree is a deliciously deep drink. In terms of making the sugar syrup, for the uninitiated, all you need to do to is dissolve 60g of granulated sugar in 30ml of hot water, like you would do if you were trying to save a bee, but this time look out for yourself by making this yummy cocktail with it (though, please do save any bees in peril, also). The Johnnie Walker Black Label here provides the premium classiness that this drink calls for. The depth of flavour, the light smokiness, the sweetness of soft toffee, all these elements truly make this cocktail. The Johnnie Walker Black Label is a Scotch Whisky that works best either on its own or in combination with very few ingredients that are going to let it shine without drowning it out, as the fruity port and the delicately fizzy soda water do here. Think this one sounds epic? We Sang-agree!

Red Matsu


  • 30ml Johnnie Walker Red Label
  • 25ml Fernando de Castilla Classic Fino Sherry
  • 10ml Campari

You won’t be seeing red after a sip of this Red Matsu cocktail! The splicing of Johnnie Walker and fino sherry is exciting in its own right, with the fino sherry bringing the subtle, dry flavour of almonds to the spiced whisky, but the added bitter fruitiness of Campari rounds this cocktail off perfectly. If you’re after something strong, classy but quite frankly delicious, the Red Matsu is a very good shout. With red famously being a colour for good fortune, we don’t think you can get any more fortunate than a nice cold cocktail at the end of a long day – which is why we deliver all necessary ingredients right to your door, lucky you!

We hope this list of five deliciously different Johnnie Walker cocktails has given you some inspiration! Though the brand encourages you to ‘Keep Walking’, and while this is a worthwhile thing to be doing, here at Drinkly we’re encouraging you to have a wee seat and let us come to you. So, pop your postcode in the box above and we can have all the necessary cocktail ingredients delivered to you within the hour. That makes this night even sweeter, don’t you think?

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