Birdbox – Sandra Bullock has been in a lot of movies, some good, some… err… *sips on drink*. Birdbox may not be an all time classic, but as far as Netflix original movies go, this was a smash hit. Why not take in Birdbox with some bird-themed drinks? If whiskey is your thing then get on the Famous Grouse. More of a beer drinker? Then Birds and Bees is a must try – a delicious golden ale from William Bros. Whatever your drink of choice, please don’t pour Birdbox style, that’s just going to get messy!

So, there you have it, ten movies to dive into on Netflix. You don’t have to take these bevvy recommendations from us, but we have done some totally scientific tests (absolutely no science involved!) and can confirm that these delicious drinks will enhance your Netflix experience like no other.

Of course, no matter what your choice in drink… get it delivered by Drinkly for the ultimate relaxed evening in!

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