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Party for one? How to spend a birthday in Lockdown

Birthday Cake image by Aneta Pawlik on Unsplash

As we continue to adapt to our new day-to-day life in lockdown, many people are having to celebrate their birthdays a little differently this year. If one of your friends or loved ones are due to celebrate their birthday during this bizarre time then you’ve probably spent ages brainstorming exactly how to make their day special from afar. After all, you may think that social distancing doesn’t leave many celebratory options BUT luckily, we’ve got your back. Now thanks to the technological world of video calls and online deliveries there are plenty of ways to show someone you are thinking of them, without being able to hang out in the flesh.

Here are our top Lockdown Birthday Ideas:

1. Have a Virtual Party

Just because you can’t be in one house doesn’t mean the party has to be cancelled. Not on our watch! Get all your guests on a group video call, we find that Facebook messenger or FaceTime works best for this. You can still partake in all your house party classic games like ‘Ring of Fire’ and apps like ‘Picolo’ and ‘WizeCrack’. You just have to nominate a party host who will choose the cards, run the game and make sure everyone gets suitably boozy to celebrate the occasion. If you’re feeling wild you can even theme the party and make sure everyone dresses up with a funky prop or costume.

2. A Virtual Movie Night

If the birthday king/queen considers themselves as a movie buff then a Netflix Party is the way to go! This handy Google Chrome Extension allows you to watch Netflix together while being in your own homes. The feature incorporates group viewing with a chatroom feature so you can discuss accordingly – no spoilers, please! Make sure to stock up on snacks and drinks, and let them choose the movie, it’s only fair. Although if you are struggling to chose then we would always suggest binge-watching season 6 of Ru Paul’s Drag Race. 😜

3. A Virtual Quiz at a Virtual Pub

You might not be able to enjoy a quiz at your local, AKA losing a pub quiz at your local, but you can certainly enjoy a pub quiz at home. Zoom is a fantastic platform for this as you can create a virtual background, perhaps you should choose something that says “I’m at a pub and it’s your birthday”. More importantly, Zoom allows a multi-screen video call which is great for a quiz because you can see everyone and therefore, ensure there’s no funny business going on. All you need to do is make a round of the quiz each, get the beers in the fridge and get your competitive hat on. At the end of the quiz, tally up your score and crown your winner. To give your quiz a dash of birthday cheer, why not add in a dedicated round about your birthday king/queen and watch them blush as the group tries to decide on what the most embarrassing moment of their teenage years was.

4. Send them a Personalised Party Pack

Okay so it’s pretty obvious you can’t buy them a pint like you had planned, but you can build them a delivery to remember. Clump together with friends to decide on their favourite treats (chocolate, wine – you know them best!) and get it delivered straight to their front door with Drinkly. Order on the night, or if you’re mega organised, you can pre-order what you want to send and they’ll get it, pronto. Sending a boozy gift is the perfect way to surprise and remind them that it is still their day and they can still get a little tipsy. Perhaps you could incorporate this step into one of the other celebrations for extra brownie points?

5. Hit the Virtual Dancefloor

You can book world-renowned DJ TP to play a personalised DJ set to you and your friends. Imaging that this chap is going from playing to 10,000 people at festivals to playing in your living room. I guess you don’t have to because he will, for only £14. You can book him on However, please promise you won’t request ‘Freed from Desire’ for an hour straight? Unless of course, you’re the birthday girl/boy then you can do whatever you want: it’s your day and don’t anyone tell you otherwise.

6. A Virtual Cocktail Making Session

Pop on Zoom and follow one of our super easy to follow cocktail blogs. This one for example, screams ‘birthday cocktails‘. If you are short of any ingredients don’t stress, order them on the app and we’ll have them to you asap. We even have ice (not all heroes wear capes) because let’s be honest here, someone forgot to make some. Follow along the method with your friends, and don’t forget to decorate. Once you’ve made a few and you’re basically a qualified mixologist you could take turns making your own idea of liquid perfection. Make a birthday special. The world is your oyster.

7. Make Future Plans

While this one might seem pretty obvious it is as important as any. There will come a time, hopefully not too far in the future, that this strange part of history shall be behind us. Stay positive and remind your friend that this won’t last forever! Make plans and come up with suggestions on how you’ll celebrate their birthday on your first night of freedom.

8. Win their birthday drinks with #ClinkwithDrinkly

As you may know, we hold a weekly draw where we give out £30 of amazing Drinkly goodies. All you have to do to win is post a picture of your virtual celebration or catch up with friends on social media, tagging us and using the hashtag #ClinkwithDrinkly. We love to brighten your day, even more so on a birthday. What could be better than free goodies?


Hopefully, after reading this you will feel uplifted and accept that this virus doesn’t have to rain on your friend’s birthday parade. Although it may be a predominantly virtual parade. In times of uncertainty, we’ve just got to adapt and evolve – so if that means celebrating virtually then that’s what we’ll do. Cheers!

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