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Edinburgh Edit: Rainy Day Comfort Drinks

A stay-at-home day is one well spent!

Maybe we should substitute ‘rainy’ for ‘British’ seeing as we are blessed with these beautifulgrey skies more often than not. In August, this weather can seem even more daunting than usual. While most of the world enjoys sunshine, we suffer through the dreary, cloudy mess that takes up a good part of the summer. However, Drinkly wants you to forget the lack of blue sky and instead embrace the comforts a stay-in day can provide. After all, there’s nothing like cosying up underneath a blanket with a good drink in hand. It’s even better if that drink is delivered to your door in under an hour! Here are a few of our top rainy day go-to drinks.

Spiced Rum


Spice up your dreary day with some of our favourite rums! We recommend trying Kraken’s black spiced rum for a unique Caribbean flavour. Distilled in Trinidad and Tobago, Kraken is destined to provide you with the exotic experience. It is named appropriately after the mythical kraken, a squid-like sea creature almost as strong and awe-enticing as this rum. Aged for a couple of years and made from locally-grown sugar cane, Kraken’s spiced rum is as rich and smooth as rum can be. It stands as an aesthetically appealing choice as well, boldly black in a beautiful, Victorian bottle.


Pinot Noir


There is nothing quite like a glass of soothing wine inside while the rain beats against your windows. Named almost too perfectly for this list, Cloud Factory’s pinot noir is bound to make you forget about the very real cloud factory that is the British skyline. This red, red wine is all the way from New Zealand, fermented in small tanks and hand plunged multiple times a day. This process all takes place in the country’s most famous wine region, Marlborough. Following its careful production, Cloud Factory’s pinot noir ends up with a cranberry aroma and a red currant flavour. It isn’t too sweet, balanced by firm tannins. A hint of oak in the winemaking gives the wine an extra creamy texture, making for the perfect at-home comfort drink.

If The Cloud Factory isn’t your cup of wine, try Le Fou’s pinot noir instead. The name is French, and translates to ‘madman’. Le Fou is produced in southern France, somewhere only a ‘madman’ was thought to be able to try and make the perfect pinot noir, far from where it is usually made in Burgundy. Mission accomplished! Starting off with a cherry aroma, the wine follows its smells up with a strong, savoury bitterness to balance the sweetness. The only crazy we see in this wine is how crazy good it is. Just pair it with some cold meat or cheese and enjoy!



When it comes to comfort, Bailey’s Irish Cream stands unrivalled. This cream liqueur is our top choice at Drinkly, luxurious and velvety to anyone’s taste buds. It is made with fresh dairy cream, cocoa, and vanilla, produced with love in Dublin, Ireland. The flavour is smooth and sweet, making it a comforting and tasty liqueur for any rainy day. Bailey’s is the original Irish cream– so popular that people around the world drink about 2,300 glasses of it every minute of every day! Not only is this creamy treat a perfect drink by itself, it makes for the perfect cocktail mixer and ingredient in recipes! Try it in a cheesecake or muffins. You can’t get more comfortable than that!


Gin and Tonic

A gin and tonic is the ultimate combination for any situation. Have a shot at our Gordon’s combo and receive the gin, Schweppes Tonic, a lemon, and ice all at once. That’d be you sorted! Gordon’s gin is made from the finest handpicked juniper berries and a variety of other botanicals that give it that unique, refreshing taste. That very flavour has made it the best-selling London dry gin in the world, and when you pair it with some classic Schweppes, there is no going wrong! Mix it over ice with some of that lemon for a gincredible rainy day treat.

Branch out and try something new, instead, if you wish, with Drinkly’s Blackwoods gin and tonic combo. This one comes to your door with a bottle of Blackwoods gin, Fentimans tonic, a lime this time, and the ice. Blackwoods gin is just as flavourful as Gordon’s, accented by juniper, coriander, marigold, and other assorted botanicals. It is herbal, floral, and smooth—perfect for your comfort gin and tonic.

Well, there you have it! Those are our favourite rainy day comfort drinks. If you want to share in our love for them, just pop in your postcode and start ordering! Delivered cold, fresh, and in under an hour. It doesn’t get any better.

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