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sprEHd the love – locally sourced grazing boxes

We caught up with Hannah Beddie, Founder of sprEHd, to find out her story and how sprEHd came to be:

“SprEHd happened almost by accident – it was a New Year, New Me type situation. I said to myself ‘I’m 26, single and have a bit of spare time on my hands, I should be more productive.’ And so in January 2020 I started the business as a part-time hobby.

I’m a massive fan of Scottish produce, always have been. My dad’s from Aberdeen and, although I was brought up in Northampton, I came to Scotland all the time as a child on holiday and always wanted to go to university here. I guess when I realised that ambition my parents knew I’d never move back down south. Straight after uni, I landed a job with Scotland Food & Drink in procurement and marketing, putting Scottish produce on the map in volumes.  It was my dream job – I basically travelled the NC500 in the name of work scouring the country to find the best artisan producers and there’s a real symmetry between the role I had there and the ethos I’ve adopted at sprEHd.  I’m so passionate about all things Scottish, I say that my boxes have stories coming out of them and I’m more than happy to bring those stories to life whenever asked.

It sounds ridiculous but leaving my job to focus on sprEHd full time was perhaps the biggest challenge I’ve faced.  Not having a boss, being so excited about not having to answer to anyone at the beginning was hugely appealing but now I wish I had someone to question me, to interrogate what I’m doing and I do find it hard at times to adjust to this new life.  Working seven days a week, packing and delivering every box myself I’ve clearly had a lot less of a social life but I get such a rush from running my own business, being the master of my own destiny that I feel that I’m on constant adrenalin. The biggest successes for me have been recommendations and repeat business. SprEHd has pretty much grown organically from day 1. Edinburgh is such a foodie city, with a really engaged community, so I’ve had huge interest on social – when I launched the bigger box, social literally crashed overnight – and have as such built a really strong and loyal customer base.

COVID, in a weird way, is one of the best things to happen to sprEHd in terms of brand awareness and because people were needing solutions.

What’s the future for sprEHd? Well to be honest I never planned on having a shop, but I’d like to do more with the space, for it to become a Scottish-only deli and a start-up hub for producers for example. I’d also like to eventually get into events but for now the focus is on growing the delivery market in Edinburgh and that’s why I joined Shoply – to be able to provide an ‘on demand’ service in addition to the standard deliveries I already offer.”

SprEHd is offering the new *sprEHd : sweet* box exclusively on Shoply for the next week. Hop over to Shoply.co.uk to bag a sweet (or savoury!) treat.

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