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Staying in is the new going out

Yes, it’s true. Saturday nights are going to look very different for the foreseeable. But since Bojo has deemed off-licences and wine merchants essential, there’s no reason why you can’t carry out your favourite weekend activity from the comfort of your own living room – just make sure you’ve got your drink of choice in hand.

Here are some of our favourite online activities taking place this weekend and beyond:

In Scotland –

‘Goose in the hoose’ Online Pub Quiz

Missing your weekly pub quiz down the local? Don’t fret. ‘Goose in the hoose’ is the brand-new nightly one from Edinburgh company Goose’s Quizzes. Since they’ve had to cancel their usual weekly nights across the city, they’re swapping the bar stools for the sofa and moving their much-loved events online for all to enjoy at a safe social distance. But beware, if you’re not used to quizzing with the other half, you may well need a wine to take the edge off. So, put the big light on, put your phone away and crack open a cold one. Let’s get ‘quizzy’ with it.

Join a quiz tonight


BrewDog’s Online Bar

Recognising that in these times of change people won’t just be missing the beer, but the sense of community that comes with popping to the local, BrewDog are launching their very first online bar. The bar launched on Friday 26th March with over 1,000 participants. In the coming weeks, BrewDog will offer beer tasting sessions, home brew masterclasses and pub quizzes as well as live comedy, music and giveaways. Full details of events in the pub can be found on BrewDog’s social channels, so what are you waiting for? Join BrewDog at the world’s biggest online bar and get socialising!

Join the bar


The Stand’s Virtual Comedy Club

The Stand is a comedy institution, with three venues in cities across the UK which, on any other Saturday night, would be full to the brim. Luckily for us, the venue will be moving its shows online for us all to have a right old giggle from the comfort of our homes. This Saturday, 28th March, the comedy club will be running a free live stream beginning at 8.30 and featuring comedians Mark Nelson, Frankie Boyle, Daniel Sloss and Ryan Cullen. Although the show is free, the venue would be grateful for any donations. Hopefully the acts don’t make you cry-laugh, what with the current tissue and toilet roll situation…

Watch some comedy 


Free Takeaway on Just Eat

Deals website TopCashBack are giving Just Eat customers £15 off their orders on Saturday night in the form of cashback. The deal applies to all restaurants on Just Eat which, in Edinburgh and Glasgow, means that you can get your hands on delicious meals ranging from fish and chips to burgers, to Indian cuisine. Cashback will be matched to whatever you spend on the site up to £15 – so if that’s what your food costs, it’ll cost you nothing at all! Who  needs store cupboard cooking when you’ve got free takeaway?

Get your food on


Everywhere else –

Have a Netflix Party

Before you tell us it’s impossible to party whilst also social distancing, let us tell you about the web extension Netflix Party! Trying to watch movies with friends that are elsewhere is often frustrating, trying to sync up hitting the play button – and what if someone needs the toilet? Well Netflix Party makes it easy and sociable to watch movies with your friends and communicate throughout, all while staying at a safe distance. What are you watching first?

Have a Netflix Party


Join a Houseparty

Another tool to help stay connected in this age of isolation is Houseparty app. Wherever you are in the world, you can add friends, have group video calls and even play group games. One of the fun features of the app is that you might drop in on a call with a friend who’s already on a call with someone else – everybody’s making new friends! Quiz your pals, chat, cook together or “share” a bottle of red – Houseparty is the hero we all need to get us out of our isolation funk.

Join a Houseparty


Virtual Tours

Getting bored of the inside of your house already? Considering moving when all this is over? Well, we have just the thing – or rather, the tour – to satisfy your adventurous side. Refinery 29 have launched a guide to all of the virtual tours you can currently take online. From tours of museums, to graffiti walks, to virtual adventures, this guide has you covered if you’re sick and tired already of looking at the same four walls. Do you know what goes well with museums? Gin. We can also help you out with that.

Take a virtual tour

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