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Stop and smell the rosé; our favourite rosé wines

Rosé is cool, contemporary, and irresistibly delicious. It’s perfect on every occasion, and serves as a nice middle ground between red and white wine. Historically speaking, it was most red wines that actually resembled what we call rosé today, so this modern favourite has been popular for a much longer time than you’d think. The winemaking techniques today make red wine more red, giving it the deep colour we’re now accustomed to. The lighter shade of what is now rosé was preferred for a long time in the classical world over a darker one. It’s the current process that goes into making rosé is what really makes it special, though. If you’ve ever wondered what makes rosé so unique then read on! We’ve even thrown in five of our best rosés at the end for you to consider. Tonight’s forecast? 99 percent chance of wine.

How it’s made

Rosé can be produced by means of various methods, with the most common one being an early pressing of red grapes after a short period (12-24 hours of maceration, or skin contact). In contrast, red wine generally has maceration lasting days to weeks. This shorter amount of time results in the lighter colour and varying flavour.

The saignée, or bleeding method, is another way rosé can be produced. It is the removal of some of the juice from red wine in order to more deeply concentrate its colour and flavour. What is ‘bled out’ from the original red wine is the product, the rosé.

Unlike the maceration method, there are vin gris, wines made from an immediate pressing of red grapes without any skin contact time. These rosés come out a much paler pink than those produced using the aforementioned methods.

Lastly, there is the decolourisation method in which a red wine is severely decolourised by use of activated charcoal. This is a more sparsely used process, however, as the rosé produced is generally not of higher quality.

La vie en rosé! No matter the process, we’ll take rosé over roses today, thank you.

Our faves

Where there’s a will, there’s a rosé– and we’ve got it! You’ll be on cloud wine with these top rosé recommendations from Drinkly. Just pop in your postcode, choose whichever rosé speaks to you the most, and we’ll deliver it to you in under an hour.


  • Mirabello’s Pinot Grigio Rosé

    • If you’re looking for an easy to drink, dry rosé, you need not look any further. This wine is made of 85% Pinot Grigio grapes, with the rest being 15% Pinot Nero grapes. It has a creamy start to lead into its crisp finish, leaving behind berry notes along the way. Infused with a strawberry aroma and delicate flavours, Mirabello is best served cold accompanying a light side such as salad, cold cuts, or fish.


  • Le Dolci Colline’s Rosé Spumante

    • A little bubbly is the perfect end to any day, and this sparkling wine is our top pick. It is exceptionally light and refreshing, not too sweet or overpowering in any way. This rosé is elegant, defined by its strawberry and raspberry aromas. The fizz in this wine gives it its lively character. Try pairing this with a picnic meal or better yet, as a fun apéritif.


  • Laurent Perrier’s Rosé Champagne

    • Ready to get fancy? This champagne is made with 100% Pinot Noir, and comes straight from the North and South areas of the Montagne de Reims, as well as the famous village of Bouzy. The grapes used in this bubbly rosé are processed with a lot of love. They are picked from carefully selected plots, meticulously sorted, then placed specially into vats where the rich wine we love develops. Laurent Perrier has sharp, fruity flavours, alluding to berries, cherries, and raspberries. Pair this with a nice dinner.


  • Isla Negra’s Seashore Rosé

    • A wine from the Central Valley of Chile guaranteed to transport your taste buds to a sandy shore of your dreams. This rosé is full of berry and cherry flavour, ideally served chilled (just how we deliver it!) to full deliver its fresh, crisp finish. It is not overly fruity or sweet, balanced by its dry notes. Pour yourself a glass of this treat alongside some fragrant Asian or South American cuisine to enjoy the full experience of Isla Negra.


  • Echo Falls’ White Zinfandel Rosé

    • All the way from the sunny side of the United States, this Californian rosé brings the fun of summer to your door. It is packed full of all of our favourite flavours such as the sweetness of strawberries, living up to its peachy aromas with other fruity notes. If you’ve ever wondered what an A-lister from the hills of Hollywood experiences on the red carpet, just have a sip of some Echo Falls! It goes well with light meats and celebrity gossip.
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