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Taking it to Beertown

Happy Friday everyone! We hope you’ve had a fantastic week. And welcome to February!

Today, we’re taking it to beertown. If you’re a beer lover, you’re gonna be one happy chappy, or chapette, after this. So, as you will probably already know, we’re building up our incredible range of beers and have added some new stock to the website. Let’s take a look…

We said we’re taking it to beertown, but now we’re taking it to Beavertown. We now offer three of the psychedelic punk’s beer, including Lupuloid, Gamma Ray and Neck Oil. If you know the brand, you’ll love it. If you don’t, you soon will. Beavertown has something for everyone; their Lupuloid is an ingeniously crafted beer and packs a big tropical punch if you like it a bit fruity!

Its neck oil does what it says on the tin! With classic-pub roots, this every day beer is a great, easy drink for any day, any occasion. And the Gamma Ray is another juicy number, with aromas of mango and grapefruit; makes you crave Summer real bad! And that’s Beavertown. They still have a few more beers up their sleeve and we’re hoping to get our hands on them very soon!

Burning Sky are artisan brewers and blenders – it’s very in right now, didn’t you know – with so many different cans to tickle your fancy. We currently stock four, but watch this space! Each beer is unique; the Arise Session bursts with peach and resinous hops flavours, while the Easy Answer is bitter with bags on piney aromatic hops. The Indecision Time C-Hop is the new kind of beer on the block, highlighting new world hops, yet the Tail Crush for the weary soul and big on flavour! Whatever you fancy, you’ll get it with Burning Sky.

Apparently, we’re sticking with the bs today and our final showcase of the week is Basqueland’s Aupa pale ale (anyone else say that with a Yorkshire accent? Just us then). Coming all the way from Hernani, Spain, this beer is a well-balanced, classic drink with a healthy dose of bravo, centennial, and mosaic dry hops! Again, watch this space for new Basqueland stock coming soon…

All these beers are part of our handpicked selection. It’s basically what it says – you’ve lovingly and oh so carefully(!) handpicked drinks we know you’ll love. We’re excited to show you what else is in store-literally. As ever, if you want us to stock something in particular, just let us know and we’ll do our utmost to provide!

We hope to serve you soon 😊

Team Drinkly x

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