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The 411 On Sauvignon!

If you’re anything like us you may have exhausted your 2018 Sauvignon quota already in all this sunshine! But if you find your palate tiring of all that passion fruit, gooseberry and tang what’s to be done? We asked WineTubeMap for their top tips on Sauvignon and beyond…
Firstly, Sauvignon is a bit like the Piccadilly Circus of the WineTubeMap, there are a few different exits you can take and whilst they are all distinctly Sauvignon they each have a different vibe.
From New Zealand you tend to find really tropical flavours, that passion fruit is really typical, along with a bright, freshness. Good on it’s own because it’s got that tropical sweetness.
From the Loire you get a much more lemony wine, which is drier and more delicate, the pinnacle of which is Sancerre – its pricy but delicious. These wines have a less in your face quality which makes them great with shellfish, salads and goat’s cheese.
And finally South Africa might not be your go to destination for Sauvignon but they make some cracking ones, in between the tropical New Zealand style and drier French.
Or if you’re done with Sauvignon for the summer you can explore wines with similar flavours using the WineTubeMap above, which is literally a flavour map of wine. You find Sauvignon at an interchange of the Aromatic line and the White Central line. The Aromatic features the likes of Pinot Gris, Albarino and Riesling; head this way if you love the New Zealand tropical flavours or take the White Central line if you like your wines a bit less pungent and citrusy – Gruner Veltliner, Rueda, Gavi and Chenin Blanc are all good things to try.
Whatever you drink in this selection enjoy it cold, use a freezer sleeve or ice bucket for maximum chill – wine warms up dramatically in the glass so the colder the better.
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