Drinkly's Crowdfund is Officially Live - Join Our Journey!
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Our Crowdfund is officially live!

 You may have read online, seen on social media or even heard your friends talking about it – yes, the rumours are true! We’re Drinkly and we’re an award-winning tech platform that delivers chilled drinks to thirsty folk in London, Edinburgh and Glasgow within 1 hour. We’re backed by some incredible entrepreneurs including BrewDog co-founder James Watt.

Today our crowdfund has officially gone live to the public! 

Click here to join our journey! 

Pre Drinkly, you could order a takeaway online but we found we were hard pressed to find anyone to deliver a great selection of chilled drinks on demand.

Retailers come to us to sell directly to our growing user community. We have delivered over 13,000 orders to date and this year alone we’ve added over £110,000 in revenue to our first retailer partner!

We’ve also worked on collaborations with global drinks brands including Heineken, Asahi and Tito’s Vodka, bringing new products to market and also gathering invaluable customer insights.

Whether you want your order immediately or later, the user journey with driver tracking is slick and easy, not to mention responsible (we’re big on Drinkaware) and secure (we’re 4.7-star rated on Trustpilot). The hardest thing is deciding what to buy!

Drinkly was born out of frustration; how is it that we could order a takeaway pizza, a taxi within minutes or even get a restaurant-quality meal delivered to our door and yet we found we couldn’t get our favourite bottle of sauvignon blanc delivered chilled, at the tap of a few buttons? 

The UK drinks market is huge; it’s forecast to be worth £55.5 billion by 2022 with the e-commerce portion forecast to be worth £19.6 billion (growing 16% YOY)

There’s no denying that the food-delivery market is thriving. But we haven’t seen similar growth in the drinks sector, so that’s where we come in. Whether ordering a bottle of wine with your dinner, sending a gift to a friend or ordering drinks to the office we’ve got you covered. 

In a world driven by technological revolution retailers are struggling to adapt, forcing closures on almost every high street. We are bringing them a brand new revenue stream and giving customers an exceptional shopping experience.

We’re enhancing an age-old industry with technology… and we’ve got bold ambitions!

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