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The Glasgow Edit: 3 Gins We Love!

Gin is in!

 Gin, or more literally ‘juniper,’ was rightfully named after its distinctive berry flavour. It became a British staple in the 17th century, permeating society (and blessing our taste buds) with its unique aromatic notes. Nowadays this iconic beverage is just as well-loved, being used in both recipes and as a stand-alone drink itself. Scotland is at the heart of many of the gins we know and love (as well as some upcoming stars), and Drinkly is all about supporting these local distilleries!

Here are just a few of our favourite Scottish gins to get you started:


Glasgow Gin – shop here


It’s Pure Gallus!’ A perfect summer treat to mix into your cocktail or enjoy all on its own. Produced with Glaswegian love, this local gin is full of personality and flavour. It is made in accordance with its very own unique recipe, produced in an antique pot called Constance. You can really tell how much heart a company puts into their work when it goes as far as naming the utilities! Glasgow Gin is distilled four times and is made of 100% wheat, going through a redistilling process in which it makes contact with ten botanicals (the things that give those hints of flavour we look forward to, basically). All of this magic is made at the Langley Distillery, the birthplace of many favourite British gins. Grab a glass and pour this Glaswegian gin to really get a feel for the city and the people that make Glasgow, Glasgow.


Isle of Harris Gin – shop here


This award-winning Scottish gin is infused with the notes of nine specifically selected botanicals, working to capture the nature of the Isle of Harris. Produced at the island’s own distillery, Harris gin works its maritime magic with the help of divers that harvest (by hand!) underwater sugar kelp deep in the Outer Hebrides. This key ingredient gives the gin its unique flavour and exhibits the amount of care that goes into the process of its creation. Aside from the incomparable way the Isle of Harris gin tastes, the aesthetic appeal of the glass bottle it is sold in is too beautiful to not discuss. The ripples ribbing the glass are reminiscent of the sea, and the fading blue colour pairs perfectly with them to create an image of where the gin is sourced. There is no going wrong with this island icon, so don’t be afraid to plunge into its delicious depths.


Gordon’s Premium Pink Distilled Gin – shop here


Think pink! There is no drink out there more currently iconic than pink gin. We just haven’t stopped hearing all about this sought-after spirit; it’s a more fashionable red-tinted variation of the gin we have loved for so long. When thinking about this contemporary treat, the beloved Gordon’s brand comes first to mind. Though established in London in 1769, Gordon’s is actually made here in Scotland at the Cameron Bridge Distillery. Gordon’s was founded by a Londoner of Scots descent, and his original recipe for their gin remains unchanged. Their pink gin is a modern twist on the classic flavours, incorporating the sweetness of raspberries and strawberries to give it that natural fruit flavour and special hue. Scrumptious!


Now that you’ve read about the origins and flavour profiles, perhaps you’re ready to give these gins a test drive? Or maybe you want to peruse our site and find a gin more suited to your tastes? Just pop in your postcode above and Drinkly will deliver, complete with ice, tonic and even a garnish. That’s just how we like it… and on your door step in less than an hour? That’s GINsane (sorry, we had to get a pun in there somewhere!)

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