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We are growing to serve you better

A message from our Founder & CEO

When I set up Drinkly in 2016, I wanted to create a business that would add real value to busy lives and, for the last three years, our drinks-on-demand service has met the needs of several thousand busy lives in the 1-hour delivery of quality, chilled drinks.

Convenience has always been the main driver for us and we knew that we could deliver greater convenience and value to consumers by extending our range without compromising or diluting our fundamental promise. Over the last few months we’ve been actively looking at ways to develop our platform and proposition beyond drinks and snacks, and integrating a convenience-led retail offer with our existing business stood out as a natural progression.

We’ve been busy building a network of quality independent convenience stores to enable you to shop across their entire range on our marketplace, meaning that, if you need to get some groceries or household essentials in with your drinks and snacks order, you can now do that just as easily…our one-hour delivery service applies across the board.

The evolution of our business couldn’t be more timely; the COVID-19 crisis has affected all lives and livelihoods and keeping communities connected and protected is hugely important. By accessing local stores online, customers can shop safely and securely from their own homes, knowing that they’re supporting their high street in the process.

To reflect the increased diversity of our retail offer, we have launched the Shoply brand. If you’re a regular Drinkly customer, it’s business as usual. You’ll still be able to order your favourite drinks from your preferred store, but you’ll also have the option to shop the new stores on the platform for your favourite grocery and household brands.

This is a really exciting new chapter for us here at Shoply and I very much hope that you will continue to be part of this ongoing journey with us. I would love to hear from you on hello@shoply.co.uk with your thoughts.

All the best,


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