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Whatever Floats Your Boat: 9 Boozy Recipes

As adults, there always seems to be a huge degree of nostalgia attached to our childhoods. The way life was less complicated before we understood the concept of time; how jumpers for goalposts seemed like the best idea anyone had ever had; when that leftover ten pence in your pocket was enough to get you a Freddo. Those were the days.

Here at Drinkly, we can’t exactly help you turn back time to the decade of the more-affordable Freddo. However, we’re got something very exciting to share with you this week. Something that perfectly splices childhood and summer together, with the added bonus of a grown-up twist: getting a little bit tipsy.

To us, nothing screams childhood more than the ice cream float. That sugary combination of your favourite ice cream and your favourite fizzy drink that really shouldn’t work together in partnership but for some inexplicable reason, it totally does. The way the ice cream made the soda fizz up beyond belief was genuinely one of the most riveting things about growing up in Britain.

So, here at Drinkly, we want you to experience that same summery joy you felt then, now. Who says we have to leave behind that childlike wonder when we grow up? Are we, as adults, all doomed to perpetually eat sorbet because it’s the lighter option and only really go for the good, fun ice cream flavours once in a blue moon when we’ve had a tough day and can only be comforted by the good sirs, Ben and Jerry. We’re taking a stand against this kind of living and giving you 10 shockingly delicious alcoholic ice cream float recipes to revolutionise your summer (or any season that floats your boat, really). This creamy, sugary, fizzy treat is going to get you right back in the carefree mind-set of a child with a mad sugar high, but with the added joy of your favourite liquor to get you buzzed in every sense of the word.

Alcoholic ice cream floats, that you’re gonna love!

Chocolate Red Wine Raspberry Ripple Float:


  • 2 scoops S. Luca’s Nutella Ice Cream
  • 1 scoop S. Luca’s Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream
  • 175ml Isla Negra Merlot
  • Top up with Strathmore Sparkling Water

To make this deliciously decadent ice cream float, simply add your scoops of ice cream to a glass, pour the red wine over the top and then fill the rest of the glass up with sparkling water. If you’re after something sweeter, feel free to substitute the sparkling water here for Schweppes Lemonade. With notes of summer berries and cacao, the Isla Negra Merlot is the ideal choice for this chocolatey, raspberry goodness. You can also add any ice cream sauces you’ve got in the cupboard to this epic dessert, raspberry or chocolate would work a treat here, obviously.


Dark n Stormy Salted Caramel Float:


  • 1 scoop S. Luca’s Salted Caramel Ice Cream
  • 2 scoop S. Luca’s Vanilla Ice Cream
  • 50ml Kraken Black Spiced Rum
  • Bottle of Fentimans Ginger Beer

This might be called a Dark n Stormy, but there is something luxuriously sweet about this one. To make this, start by scooping your ice cream into a glass, pour your Kraken Black Spiced Rum over the top and fill the glass up with ginger beer. A delicious grown-up twist on a classic ginger beer float, this Dark n Stormy Salted Caramel Float combines one of our favourite cocktails with the joyous memories of past summertime. Adding a combination of flavours definitely more welcome on your palate now, mainly the salted caramel and the rum, this dessert offers the perfect amped-up, alcoholic twist on an absolute classic. There’s no need to add the rum gingerly either, this kind of deeply creamy combination really benefits from a good rum kick.


Pink Vanilla Ice Cream Float:


  • 3 scoops S. Luca’s Strawberry Ice Cream
  • 250ml Barefoot Pink Moscato Rosé
  • Schweppes Lemonade

Everything’s rosé with this perfectly pink concoction. Again, this one is as simple as popping all the ingredients in a glass and grabbing a spoon. Be sure to add the ice cream first to avoid spillages and to make sure you get the excitment of watching the lemonade and ice cream froth up – but other than that, there are absolutely no rules here. This is why ice cream floats are so much better as an adult: not only can they be deliciously alcoholic but you make your own rules now. Like these ice cream floats, that’s pretty cool.


Kahlua Coke Ice Cream Float:


  • 3 Scoops S. Luca’s Vanilla Ice Cream
  • 50ml Kahlua Coffee Liqueur
  • Coca Cola

Coffee. Coke. Ice Cream. Alcohol. Yes, please! We don’t think there has ever been a better combination. This is an ice cream float for the ages. The Kahlua Coke Ice Cream Float is the ultimate caffeine, sugar and alcohol hit paired dreamily with the classic vanilla ice cream. There is something so incredibly satisfying about turning one of your favourite drink combinations into an epic dessert. By introducing the Kahlua Coke Ice Cream Float into your life, no matter what the weather is doing, this looks to be the best summer yet.

Limoncello Ice Cream Float:


  • 3 scoops S. Luca’s Vanilla Ice Cream
  • 50ml Luxardo Limoncello
  • 25ml Grand Marnier Cognac Liqueur
  • Top up with Moët & Chandon Champagne

Nothing screams holidays quite like Limoncello, mix that with ice cream, cognac and champagne and it makes quite the party. This ice cream float balances the tartness of the Limoncello with the warm sweetness of vanilla, all topped off with those delicate champagne bubbles. The Limoncello Ice Cream Float is the perfect crowd pleaser this summer and it evokes all the best memories of European holidays, what’s not to like?


Fruity Bourbon Ice Cream Float:


  • 3 scoops S. Luca’s Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream
  • 50ml Maker’s Mark Whisky
  • San Pellegrino Orange Soda

This one is definitely a belter. The combination of the raspberry, vanilla and almost sherbet-y fizzing orange is good on its own but is elevated by that warming, spiced caramel of the whisky. The presence of the raspberry and the orange in this ice cream float really brings out that fruitiness within the whisky itself, making this one nothing short of yummy, mark our words. This one definitely floats our boat.


Mimosa Ice Cream Float:


  • 3 scoops S. Luca’s Vanilla Ice Cream
  • 75ml Sunpride Orange Juice
  • 25ml Cointreau
  • Top up with Veuve Clicquot Champagne

Big fan of the mimosa but can never find the time for brunch? Well, look no further than this Mimosa Ice Cream Float for the perfect dessert treat. By simply scooping your vanilla ice cream into a glass, pouring the orange juice and cognac on top and then filling the rest of the glass up with delicious champagne, you can make the classic luxurious mimosa with an even more luxurious twist. Who says the mimosa is to be reserved for Christmas Day morning or to be imbibed exclusively at brunch-time? This is one sure-fire way to get the mimosa on the menu much more.


Strawberry Champagne Ice Cream Float:


  • 3 scoops of S. Luca’s Strawberry Ice Cream
  • Taittinger Brut Réserve Champagne

With just two ingredients, this ice cream float couldn’t be more simple. But champagne and strawberries has always been a classic combo so we’re not complaining! Simple sometimes is the best. If you’re looking to add a twist to this one, however, a rosé champagne, such as the Taittinger Prestige Rosé Champagne, could be incredible. You can definitely never have too much pink in your life.


Ginger JD Ice Cream Float:


  • 3 scoops S. Luca’s Vanilla Ice Cream
  • 50ml Jack Daniels
  • Fever Tree Ginger Ale

All flavour combinations can be improved by adding Jack Daniels, we don’t make the rules. This Ginger JD Ice Cream Float is no exception. The aromatic spiciness of the ginger ale is softened perfectly by the vanilla ice cream but throughout the whole drink there is always that beautiful warming quality of the whisky. This is the ultimate dessert comfort food. Whether your summer is filled with rain, shine or random and frequent thunderstorms, this ice cream float is the one.

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