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You Can Teach an Old Mout New Flavours



Established in 1947, Old Mout Cider is a brand which champions adventure and deliciousness. A proud Kiwi brand, Old Mout was born out of founder Wanda Tait’s first taste of Scrumpy Cider whilst on a cycling holiday in England. This instilled her with the drive and passion to start her own cidery in her garden shed at home in Nelson, New Zealand. Given that Old Mout was created as a result of an exciting globetrotting adventure, it makes sense that their tagline would be ‘A Taste for Adventure’, and it is with Justin and Scottie, who took over from Wanda, that the taste really comes into play. Inspired by flavours of their native New Zealand, Old Mout as a brand is very passionate about nature and the world around them. This means that all the flavours in the deliciously fruity range come from their immediate environment, helping to promote the wonders of New Zealand. Indeed, Old Mout is so infatuated with the environment in which it was created that the brand is named for the neighbourhood in which Wanda Tait first produced the cider, Upper Moutere. The name Old Mout is intended to rhyme with ‘fruit’, the lifeblood of their cider, and not, in fact, with ‘out’. The brand finds humour in the fact that their name is often mispronounced, with another one of their taglines stating that they’ve been ‘Mispronounced since 1947’, but we’re here to set you on the right track. It might be a Mout point but we think if you’re going to discover your new favourite cider, you should at least be au fait with the correct pronunciation.



The lovely people at Old Mout are not only driven by natural flavours and a passion for adventure, but by good hearts and philanthropic tendencies, too. Not only does the brand work closely with Kiwis for Kiwi, a charity dedicated to kiwi bird conservation efforts which provides safe spaces for the little birds to breed and thrive away from predators and dangers, but Old Mout is also dedicated to saving the planet and those precious endangered species in partnership with philanthropic giants the WWF. As a result of the disastrous effects of climate change and simply as a consequence of the impact human beings have on the planet, many species, including the kiwi, the jaguar and the giant anteater, find it increasingly difficult to survive in our changing world. As well as sponsoring both of these brilliant charities, the brand has become 100% recyclable and as a result of their efforts, Old Mout has helped the kiwi progress from an endangered species to a vulnerable species. By partnering with the WWF to help preserve natural habitats, the brand is not only helping to reverse the effects of climate change, as without trees the atmosphere cannot clear our carbon emissions, but also this gives the animals we love a home. By enjoying the delicious, fruity Old Mout Cider, you’re allowing the brand to continue funding essential conservation efforts and helping those quirky little kiwis, and many more beloved species, to flourish. Is there any better reason to grab a bottle opener and crack open a cold one?


So, now you know a little bit more about the brand and what they do, it’s time to get down to the good stuff. We’ve hammered home that Old Mout is passionate about natural fruit flavours from their native New Zealand, but exactly what flavours are on offer?

  1. Old Mout Strawberry and Pomegranate Cider

With its pleasing light rose hue, this Strawberry and Pomegranate Cider is enough to get you feeling tickled pink. The emphasis here is really on the perfectly sweet strawberry flavours but this cider avoids the sugary pitfalls of fruit cider with the welcome tartness of the pomegranate. The balance here between sour sharpness and delicate sweetness is something to behold. With 4% ABV, served chilled over ice, this cider is the ideal choice for your quiet night in.

  1. Old Mout Berries and Cherries Cider

This fruity concoction makes the perfect mixed berries cider. The combination of the classic apple cider with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and cherries creates a firm favourite amongst lovers of the brand. A light reddish purple in colour, the Old Mout Berries and Cherries Cider is sweet with natural fruit juice and is not overly sugary, making it wonderfully drinkable and deliciously refreshing over ice. This tangy berry cider is sweet and spritzy and the ideal accompaniment to a chilled summer evening.

  1. Old Mout Kiwi and Lime Cider

Perhaps the cider that is most representative of this New-Zealand-based brand is their Kiwi and Lime Cider. Mixed with the sweetness of the apple, the aromatic kiwi and the zingy lime is the perfect combination. There’s nothing more deliciously refreshing than the subtly fresh and sweet flavour of ripe kiwi fruits embellished by the familiar tang of citrus. This pale, blonde cider, served perfectly cold, is light, aromatic and something a little bit different compared to other ciders on the market. This one is a flavour combination definitely worth giving a try. Is there a more fun way to assist in helping save the planet? We certainly can’t think of one.


            Think Old Mout Cider sounds right up your street? Why wouldn’t you?! Just by popping your postcode in the box above, we can have some lovely chilled cider delivered to you within the hour. Save the wildlife and save yourself the trouble of leaving the house at the same time. That sounds like a productive night to us. You deserve a drink!



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